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0000065 [Mascot] general kleinerer Fehler immer 2011-01-04 14:23 2011-01-09 17:03
Reporter chris Anzeigestatus öffentlich  
Bearbeitung durch xclerc
Priorität normal Lösung erledigt Rechnertyp
Status erledigt   Betriebssystem
Projektion keine   BS-Version
Aufwand keine Behoben in Version 1.0-alpha Produktversion 1.0-alpha
  Zielversion Produkt-Build
Zusammenfassung 0000065: ocamldep: unknown option `-for-pack'
Beschreibung After issuing "make all", the compilation stops with

+ /usr/bin/ocamldep.opt -for-pack MascotLibrary -modules src/driver/args.mli > src/driver/args.mli.depends
/usr/bin/ocamldep.opt: unknown option `-for-pack'.

I believe this is a bug in ocamlbuild but then alternative compilation rules should be provided.
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xclerc (Administrator)
2011-01-04 18:26
bearbeitet am: 2011-01-04 18:32

Thanks for reporting.

You are right on both points: this is a ocamlbuild problem, and a workaround
should be provided in Mascot. In order to circumvent the problem, could you
provide the result of 'ocamlbuild -vnum'?

[My system is running a vanilla 3.12.0 OCaml]

chris (Reporter)
2011-01-04 18:47

It happens with both

$ ocamlbuild -version
ocamlbuild 3.13.0+dev2 (2010-10-22)
$ ocamlbuild -vnum
3.13.0+dev2 (2010-10-22)


$ ocamlbuild -version
ocamlbuild 3.11.2

(the latter not supporting vnum).
xclerc (Administrator)
2011-01-09 17:03

Here is the by-case analysis:
  - versions before 3.12.0 are not supported because the code
     uses elements that were not available yet (i. e. first class modules);
  - current 3.12.0 official version and hopefully versions 3.12.x are supported;
  - versions 3.13.x are not supported because the camlp4 AST will be enriched.

The new archive uploaded minutes ago has been tested with 3.12.0 and the
"version/3.12" branch of the OCaml repository. To enable easy testing, I have
also uploaded a precompiled bytecode on the website, see: [^]

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