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0000009: Source does not compile under Java 1.6/1.7
[reported by Richard Jones]
It is not possible to compile the Cadmium sources using a Java 1.6/1.7 compiler :

cadmium-1.0-beta/src/fr/x9c/cadmium/support/values/ a generic class may not extend java.lang.Throwable
     public final class NoValue extends RuntimeException {
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2008-03-17 21:47   
An exception may not be a generic class. In this case, the exception is not generic itself but
is an inner class of a ganeric class and should hence be declared as "static".

In fact, the source was incorrectly accepted my the Java 1.5 compiler.
It should not have compiled on any compiler but the JDK 1.5 compiler seems buggy in this respect.