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20 general schwerer Fehler immer 2008-08-11 13:59 2008-11-02 14:47
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keine Cadmium 1.1 (after merge)  
0000020: Unable to get a script engine
It is impossible to get a working script engine from any of the following methods:
   - ScriptEngineManager.getEngineByExtension(-);
   - ScriptEngineManager.getEngineByMimeType(-);
   - ScriptEngineManager.getEngineByName(-).

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2008-08-11 14:04   
The problem stems from the fact that the engine does register itself properly with the runtime.
A temporary workaround is to use ScriptEngineManager.getEngineFactories(-) to iterate
over the available factories, and choose the OCamlScripting one.

This problem will be fixed in the next (1.1) version of OCaml-Java that should be available
at the end of the summer (2008). One may notice that it is highly probable that this version
of OCaml-Java will see the merge of OCamlScripting into the Cadmium base.
The main reason for having two separate subprojects was that OCamlScripting was relying on Java
1.6-specific elements while the base project was only Java 1.5 compliant (with no dependencies).
The next OCaml-Java version will support Java 1.6, and likely drop support for Java 1.5.