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0000082: Scripting Standalone has Camomile Dependency
I am trying to get the Ocaml ScriptingEngine work in a simple test application but running into a camomile dependency... All I have is the java app which simply calls the scripting engine as described in the documentation:

ScriptEngineManager manager = new ScriptEngineManager();
ScriptEngine engine = manager.getEngineByExtension("ml");
CompiledScript script = ((Compilable) engine).compile("print_endline \"printing from ocaml\"");

I downloaded the latest ocamlrun-scripting-standalone.jar and put it on the classpath for the test application. When I run the app, I get this error message:
Fatal error: exception Sys_error("/usr/local/share/camomile/database/general_category.mar: file does not exist: .\usr\local\share\camomile\database\general_category.mar")
Is there any way to get around this dependency? I would ultimately want to package a complete jar file I can run on any machine and installing and configuring camomile separately will not be possible...
I am running a Windows 7 (32 bit) and using JRE 1.6
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