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0000073 [Barista] general kleinerer Fehler immer 2011-08-03 17:35 2011-12-21 18:10
Reporter rgrig Anzeigestatus öffentlich  
Bearbeitung durch xclerc
Priorität normal Lösung erledigt  
Status erledigt   Produktversion 2.0-alpha
Zusammenfassung 0000073: does not compile when ocaml (and related dependencies) are in non-standard directory
Beschreibung I needed to apply the attached patch to compile.
Zusätzliche Information 1 patch for repository [^]

Wed Aug 3 16:26:32 BST 2011
  * mob

New patches:

 Ignore-this: a79a19e97db9aae982d8f4a8a155eb13
] {
hunk ./ 73
         flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "warnings"] (S[A"-w"; A"Ae"; A"-warn-error"; A"A"]);
         flag ["ocaml"; "doc"] (A"-sort");
         flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "use_zip"] (S[A"-I"; P "+zip"]);
+ flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "use_camomile"] (S[A"-I"; P "+camomile"]);
         flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "byte"; "use_zip"] (S[A"-I"; P "+zip"; A"zip.cma"]);
         flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "native"; "use_zip"] (S[A"-I"; P "+zip"; A"zip.cmxa"]);
hunk ./ 76
- flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "byte"; "use_camomile"] (S[A"camomile.cma"]);
- flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "native"; "use_camomile"] (S[A"camomile.cmxa"]);
+ flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "byte"; "use_camomile"] (S[A"-I"; P"+camomile"; A"camomile.cma"]);
+ flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "native"; "use_camomile"] (S[A"-I"; P"+camomile"; A"camomile.cmxa"]);
         dep [version_tag] [version_ml];
         rule ("generation of " ^ version_ml)


[TAG 2.0-alpha**20110715041651
 Ignore-this: b71115a27a2fe4f2f8b09019d36a0ac6
[MINOR: update for 2.0-alpha**20110715041320
 Ignore-this: ee4b2233a1b232172a30169b6f250fb5
[MINOR: LaTeX description for commands.**20110714130829
 Ignore-this: e685a14677dce39ef4ce06c6d6d5f939
[MINOR: added some examples to the distribution.**20110714130702
 Ignore-this: 33e40140da708d8ab1cef6572a047c4e
[MINOR: errors in stack computation where mistakenly reported as syntax error.**20110601050824
 Ignore-this: 73ecbc6edcc215b9ec00a2a66a8dddd8
[MAJOR: full support for final specification of JSR-292 (a.k.a. "invokedynamic").**20110601044259
 Ignore-this: 3fa2bf045aa16c5eccd855d2abb6630a
[MINOR: fixed error in classfile version handling.**20110601043811
 Ignore-this: 3c0075cc185b34a4c8814eea31cc5ca
[MINOR: 'append' and 'prepend' were ignoring the 'separator' parameter.**20110601043636
 Ignore-this: fc8484131f21b39f9ce16d8a5f14547f
[MINOR: install 'jar' version through findlib.**20110601043430
 Ignore-this: b5f36137bcaa1203672e81e095d0ced8
[MINOR: correct handling of compilation warnings.**20110601043254
 Ignore-this: 6e1155898b0a2004bb36f33769828fd
[*BIGBANG* zillions of API changes.**20110409143037
 Ignore-this: f5c2eb96afd09bee2925e9c261d1087f
 Should have been in multiple patches...
[MINOR: refactoring for class path, and class loader handling.**20110307170355
 Ignore-this: b2a0cd587fb85d460827e3dd5ee183cb
[MAJOR: the executable now recognize 'commands' rather than switches to trigger action.**20110307160059
 Ignore-this: 2904e5816d779345eb18bee9ee19fc58
[MINOR: 'eq' functions renamed to 'equal'.**20110307053345
 Ignore-this: 5bcc80339efe7cd2989fa9e5083252a4
[MINOR: 'JavaVersion' renamed back to 'Version' (and thus rename of 'Version' to 'CurrentVersion').**20110307051336
 Ignore-this: 5e96e06e78a3d2f4fa09dfd4e3c4226d
[MAJOR: removed Java API.**20110307050159
 Ignore-this: 752fcfbfe82856517eae4a57089eeb9f
[MAJOR: all the integers types defined in the 'Utils' module are now declared**20110306172125
 Ignore-this: 8179cbafeba9d59ad714ba0871438906
 private, and functions are provided to construct instances. This allow check
 bounds at runtime.
[MAJOR: miscellaneous refactoring for streams, and Unicode support.**20110305130446
 Ignore-this: dccc86ea28fec8b99f664f40cc9c4e4a
[MINOR: tests updated for new Unicode API, and new error report format.**20110303153238
 Ignore-this: 982bb5f26e5193899feaddf4aa82d220
[MINOR: all Unicode implementation module moved to a 'utf8' directory.**20110301185747
 Ignore-this: 88da1d89f11e086320d17bb795131df
[MAJOR: support for UTF8 elements now in 'Utils.UTF8Xyz' modules.**20110301185342
 Ignore-this: fda3e47a7016b1e6442ff126e5ccae28
 The actual implementations are provided by the 'UTF8XyzImpl' modules,
 and is still based on Camomile.
[MINOR: interface for 'Version' module.**20110227153339
 Ignore-this: a80c698835f573dc1c1a4a61c619eae0
[MAJOR: support for Unicode characters now in 'Utils.UChar' module.**20110227153136
 Ignore-this: 242d9821e6ca0a8793c87a13ff73beed
 The actual implementation is provided by the 'UCharImpl' module,
 and is still based on Camomile.
[MINOR: contents of 'Barista' module spread to 'Args' and 'FlowPrinter' modules.**20110227075643
 Ignore-this: b8a17d73f87c8bfff88a28cd3c2f659b
[MINOR: refactoring of stream modules.**20110226100926
 Ignore-this: 15d15683167c94cdc0af624db5d4617e
[MAJOR: source files reorganized in subdirectories.**20110226091609
 Ignore-this: 304f4967f8feae5ed881d998831979b6
[MINOR: test updated due to API change.**20110226090442
 Ignore-this: bac05886e75eaacf1dabdcd5840123a6
[MINOR: test reference updated due to optimization of stack frames.**20110226090323
 Ignore-this: 9b2eb21bb6355de64d04a66caaa1ff78
[MINOR: year 2011.**20110226090313
 Ignore-this: 6465ef4bba7dd6e624c91a830d0b4a41
[MINOR: back to '1.6' as the default Java version.**20110226090110
 Ignore-this: 7aaf727cfbb52853c98ce65b8e2357bd
[MAJOR: new build system (ocamlbuild-based).**20110225171023
 Ignore-this: dad53af0b3961c13fbfea02d7cde620f
[MINOR: API change: 'Version' module renamed to 'JavaVersion'.**20110224181754
 Ignore-this: 87b9dde5587cb3d461fd95fb2ab82110
[MINOR: update for OCaml 3.12.0 (overridden method warnings).**20110224180228
 Ignore-this: 446f08335125613568f022c044423186
[MINOR: update to Camomile 0.8.1.**20110224175825
 Ignore-this: b4151ef95004a020fc86d310654584bf
[MINOR: the 'remove_load_store' rewriting rule has been split.**20100526190144
 Ignore-this: 310c15344bfd5850af26c83209b2d19f
[MINOR: index added to 'StackState.Invalid_local_contents' error.**20100526190109
 Ignore-this: ed39c31d375d7fd75ff77790e2a27b66
[MINOR: fixed the generation of stack maps in presence of long /double element.**20100522061242
 Ignore-this: 8248b819a34be12a74659af5f709913e
[MINOR: new unifying function working from a bare list added to StackState.**20100521164548
 Ignore-this: 73af2e72d306c34a0465b599abf9ac25
[MINOR: Java 1.7 is now the default target.**20100521161548
 Ignore-this: fe7e1d2c63adc4433a862d4306ac81c0
[MAJOR: support for jsr292-enhanced LDC instructions.**20100519185319
 Ignore-this: 313b7e6fd2452c4cf82d37e7928c4afb
[MINOR: StackState now uses equality functions over names.**20100519172700
 Ignore-this: c89021f9d94a3bc517452dccd8b4caf4
[MINOR: when storing a long/double, the following index should be cleared.**20100519163218
 Ignore-this: 5721268789acce503584e2f02b72dcd5
[MINOR: better exception message for 'StackState.Exception'.**20100519163111
 Ignore-this: f7169fd1e11e296fb6ee84e979dea648
[MINOR: equality functions over names.**20100519162949
 Ignore-this: 6e7277b4598cfa39825fec6ac1cff620
[MINOR: equality functions over descriptors.**20100519160937
 Ignore-this: 4ff3e29f26b79b1624792493e5dbeb8f
[MINOR: indentation fixed in ''.**20100519160454
 Ignore-this: d09071541c056eed216d85edbe21da5
[MINOR: class initializers should always be tagged as 'static'.**20100519160311
 Ignore-this: 4b68ad0eb740006328b0885f2d09a037
[MINOR: function to insert rewriting rules into a list.**20100303183949]
[MINOR: speedups of graph operations.**20100303183906]
[MINOR: update for new filename scheme.**20100303183729]
[MINOR: new 'API' functions for the handling of exceptions.**20100228092430]
[MAJOR: update of Java API (for modules, type annotations).**20100226223528]
[MINOR: '-optimize' command-line switch to trigger peephole optimizations.**20100226223456]
[MINOR: 'TOOLS_SUFFIX' variable to easily enable native version of compilers.**20100226194157]
[MINOR: tests for serialization protocol.**20100226194150]
[MINOR: tests for peephole/jump optimizations.**20100226193919]
[MAJOR: peephole optimizations.**20100226193628]
[MAJOR: support for serialization protocol (version 2).**20100226193608]
[MINOR: load/add functions for packages/modules are now exported.**20100223193244]
[MINOR: 'package.html' file converted into '' file.**20100220220249]
[TYPO: removed superfluous space in exception ocamldoc.**20100220214952]
[MAJOR: support for type annotations (JSR 308).**20100220213314]
[MAJOR: space-optimized stack frames.**20100220155328]
[MINOR: input/output functions for signed 8-bytes integers.**20100220153307]
[MINOR: new functions for classpath creation.**20100220153148]
[MAJOR: support for 'package-info' and 'module-info' class files.**20100220153051]
[MAJOR: support for modules in class files (project Jigsaw / JSR 294).**20100220122019]
[MAJOR: optimization of jumps (avoiding gotos over gotos).**20100217185728]
[MAJOR: optimization of exception tables.**20100217185526]
[MINOR: raises an exception when graph cannot be flattened.**20100217185445]
[MINOR: equality functions over graph elements.**20100217182028]
[MINOR: combinators (fixpoint, composition).**20100217181834]
[MINOR: new i/o implementation for increased readability.**20100217181613
 The new implementation is also a few percents faster, but this should not
 be noticeable in real-sized applications.
[TAG 1.4**20100206183609]
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rgrig (Reporter)
2011-08-04 09:47

I also had to add some flags to ocamldoc.
  flag ["ocaml"; "doc"] (S[A"-sort";A"-I";P"+zip";A"-I";P"+camomile"])

I do not understand what is going on so I'll tell you a bit more about my setup.
I have two computers, on one I am a non-root user and I basically cannot do anything outside my home directory, on the other I can do whatever I want.

On the one I can do what I want I installed ocaml 3.12.1 and camomile from sources in the default locations (configure without prefix) and everything worked just fine.

On the other one I did almost the same with two differences:
 - I also installed camlzip from sources
 - I used --prefix with some directory below my home.
In this second case I had to change myocamlbuild, and I don't really know what I'm doing. (I should probably look at ocamlbuild a bit more.)

In any case, it took me a lot of time to work my way thru various errors (for example, OCaml bug 5278 is just one issue I bumped into that I remember) and it would be nice if things would be a little easier.

Again, everything works perfectly on the machine on which I am root.
xclerc (Administrator)
2011-08-07 08:41

Thanks for reporting: the dependencies were indeed not treated uniformly.
I have pushed a fix to this problem. Could you tell if it fixes the problem
on your machine too? For the record, I also use a custom path for the OCaml
distribution (as well as for zip and camomile), so we have somewhat similar

Note: I purposely did not add the flags for ocamldoc generation, because I
regard them as "internal" dependencies that the developer should not access
directly by rather through a Barista layer. However, this discussion is quite
rgrig (Reporter)
2011-09-01 17:19

It works now.

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